According to Article 79 of The Constitution of Uganda, the major roles of a Member of Parliament are;

Members debate and pass laws through which the institutions of government endeavor to guide the country’s process.

Budget Approval/Appropriation
Members of Parliament (analyse) and pass (approve) the national Budget every financial year.

Monitor and bring to the attention of Ministers and the public, government misuse of funds, violations of rule of law and unlawful activities.

Represent their constituents’ views in Parliament.
MPs bring to the attention of relevant Ministers different matters of national concern.

Formation of government.
This entails approving presidential nominations for ministers, judges, ambassadors and other positions specified in the Constitution.

In the Constituency
Hold consultative meetings with their constituents, update them on the activities of Parliament and government policies, and gather their views and concerns on issues, which affect their livelihood.

My manifesto is very referrential to the proper roles of Parliament so that I do not make empty and impossible promises to voters!

My election supporting statement/ manifesto simply states what I plan to do and to change during my term of office as Central Region Youth MP.  My goals are feasible, achievable and straight to the point;
1. To start a youth empowerment TV station and FM radio station, strictly employing youth below 35 years, save for a few positions in top management!

2. I will evoke Article 79 (1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, and propose a bill in Parliament where all tenders below 30 million Uganda shillings are strictly reserved for youth aged 35 years and below.

3. I will evoke Article 79 (1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and propose the “youth inclusive employment” bill where all entities in private sector, public service and civil society MUST employ 40% youth, aged 35 years and below.

4. With the advice of experts, coupled with my experience in both private and public sector, I will have a corporate youth calendar with monthly activities apt for the socio – economic transformation of the youth.

5. To hold the Annual Youth Achievement Awards (The AYAAS) where Youth will be awarded for outstanding performance in different sectors. This will market different products and services by the featured youth and the awards event itself will employ different youth that will be services providers or part of the academy, accordingly!

6. To put up a Youth Business Centre which will be a centre for business skills incubation; a centre for linkages to employment opportunities; to serve as a referral for scholarships for the youth, available both in Uganda and outside Uganda for example those in Government ministries; civil society organisations, embassies, Religious organisations; a centre for free career guidance; a centre where internship placements can be made easier; where where different youth can access free internet; free printing services; meet to exchange ideas; free training and business advice; free marketing for their ideas and innovations; editorial support; free media support; where potential funders can meet the youth; free office space for a year for new businesses! This Youth Business Centre will be a centre of bringing great youth ideas and dreams to life! This Centre will be a place to assist the youth become more markatable. It will be a centre of excellence!

(a) At the Buganda youth business centre, the youth will have a free meal day. Note that all services at the youth business centre, will be offered by youth aged 35 years and below; from cleaning to food to printing services among others EXCEPT for those that require expert advice. The latter might have to involve people above 35 years due to the requirement of expertise!

(b) It is important to note that many youth in the entertainment industry – music, sports, art, drama, etc, go through so much exploitation trying to market their talent so as to break through. Therefore the youth business centre will have a department specifically to support, package, manage and market this category of youth.

c) Under the business centre I shall create strong working partnerships with Operation Wealth Creation to distribute inputs to farmers. As is, the suppliers just put it the District or Subcounties as the soldiers monitor the process but the youth can assist in putting it at the different door steps. Many people especially the eldery and those with disabilities are not able to easily pick these inputs from the spots where suppliers have put them. This leads to wastage of many inputs which remain at the district and some of these scenarios have been covered by different media! Therefore the youth will be a great force to have these inputs delivered to differrnt villages. It will employment for the youth but it will be an option to saving the country millions in losses!

7. To start the “Bazzukulu ba Jjaja Tsevo” run which will take place every 23rd of September, on the birthday of President Museveni. Remember all service providers are youth below 35 years or companies owned by youth below 35 years of age! The funds collected from the marathon will support the Buganda Youth Business Centre, on top of the other sources of funding and support for the centre.

8. To have an annual youth carnival where the youth will celebrate life while making money. The carnival will involve exhibitions, entertainment, merry making, interaction, net working and still service providers aged 35 years and below will be given priority! The carnival will have gender sensitive messages re-echoed to shape the youth using entertainment.

9. To have a mindset change program rotating around the different sub regions of Buganda, training and empowering youth through mindset change drills. Remember service providers for all these activities will be youth aged 35 years and below. Right from food, drinks, stationery, public address system, etc. With the covid-19 situation, different technology can be used to have these engagements online but with a region at ago!

10. To develop clan tourism in Buganda so that this new angle in tourism can employ as many youth as possible. The youth will form groups as clan mates and be supported accordingly, to start clan museums, clan restaurants, clan promotion social media pages. This will create so much employment for the youth and promote Uganda’s tourism from a new and fresh angle and also preserve and promote culture.

11. To start a powerful TV reality series where different youth in business compete for a grant of 10million Ug shs, 5 million ug shs and 1 million Ug shs respectively for winner, first runners up and second runners up! The grant will be monthly but the reality show will air weekly so that viewers who will be in charge of voting winners, can follow up the day to day journey of these young people in business. There will be a grand winner who will win 100 million Ug shs at the end of the year! These grants will be coming from well wishers and government as lobbied by myself as the Youth MP! Plus using my long experience in closing sponsorships, I will have as many sponsors on board for this great idea!

12. To hold a youth coffee campaign where the youth will be involved in a drive to plant one million coffee trees to better their finances and the economy at large. The campaign will involve the youth being supported by free quality seedlings, fertilizers, expert advice, financial support to successfully kick off their coffee ventures.

13. I will use the floor of Parliament and other platforms enjoyed by a Member of Parliament to be a fighter for gender parity to advocate for equal rights and gender sensitive policies and interventions for example; equal access to education; equal access to employment, etc. Yes the NRM Government has gone extra huge strides in women emancipation but a lot more has to be done to have girls exploit their fullest potential.

b) Still about maximizing the floor of Parliament, I will be very vocal on the floor of Parliament! For a long time now, Central Region has not been lucky to have a vocal Youth MP. This time round, I will be very vocal especially when it comes to matters to do with the youth!

14. To strongly support the sports sector especially that which entails the Buganda youth. I will form relationships with different stake holders in the sports field to harness more employment opportunities for the Youth especially in football. The Business Centre as discussed earlier will be very pivotal in supporting different sports talent.  (Buganda Youth FC) which we shall empower to have its own academy and stadium. Football as a sport still has great potential to employ many youth and change many lives of young people. As a youth MP representing the centre of the country, the Central Region, I must exploit this possibility!

15. I will use the Floor of Parliament to advocate for the rights of the youth working abroad especially in the United Arab Emirates and bring as much attention to their plight as possible! I will push for an independent on-ground watch dog body consisting of members from both Uganda and the host countries. But most importantly I will do everything in my power to have more youth find a livelihood in Uganda and not have to go away from their motherland, hunting for a life where it could be out turn out so risky.
For God and My Country!

-Male Youth Mindset Conferences in preparation for the year, at subregion level.
-Female Youth Mindset Conferences at subregion level.

2. FEBRUARY; Mass weddings for youth at sub region levels.

3. MARCH; Girls and female youth empowerment month (different activities accordingly)

4. APRIL; Subregional camping (where the youth MP spends a number of days in each region carrying out different out reaches for the youth).

5. MAY; Youth Carnivals at subregion level.

6. JUNE; Awareness on budget drive and related activities like helping different youth successfully bid for different tenders.

7. JULY; Agriculture and Farming awareness month.

8. AUGUST; Youth day month (different activities pertaining to the youth day celebrations in different districts)

9. SEPTEMBER; Jjaja Tsevo birthday run. (Funds from the birthday run will support the business centre).

10. OCTOBER; Youth Saccos review and related activities.

11. NOVEMBER; Youth Awards

12. DECEMBER; Youth to Youth Charity activities.

NOTE; the above calender will not stop the youth from recognizing the standard national and international days and participating in the different activities accordingly! As Central Region Youth MP I will mobilize the Youth into participating in the activities and awareness drives related to different national and international days. It is also important to note that I will use these activities as per this calender to mobilize youth for implementation of government programs. This calendar is only to guide our work plan and I welcome any guidance, corrections, innovations, education and assistance to better my plan for the Central Region Youth and help them realize their utmost potential!
_For God and My Country!_

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